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Materials Advantage Program: TMS/ASM/ACerS

For $25 a year, students can now join ALL THREE sponsoring professional materials societies! Here are just a few of the reasons YOU want to join! (will be updated to included ACerS benefits in the future)

  1. Eligible for GREAT scholarships!

    Need-based, US residents only
    * George A. Roberts Scholarships - 7 scholarships at $6,000 each.
    * William Park Woodside Founder's Scholarship - 1 year full tuition of up to $10,000.
    * Nicholas J. Grant Scholarship - 1 year full tuition.
    Merit-based, open to international students
    * ASM Outstanding Scholars Awards - 3 awards at $2,000 each
    * ASM Foundation Scholarship Awards - 12 awards at $1,000 each.
    * ASM Foundation Technical & Community College Scholarship Awards - 10 awards at $500 each

    TMS—The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society
    * J. Keith Brimacombe Presidential Scholarship – 1 at $5,000 plus a $1,000 travel Stipend
    * EMPMD Gilbert Chin Scholarship – 1 at $2,000 plus up to $500 for travel expenses
    * Extraction & Processing Division Scholarship – 4 at $2,000 each plus up to $500 for travel expenses
    * International Symposium on Superalloys Scholarship – 2 at $2,000 each
    * Light Metals Division Scholarship – 3 at $4,000 each plus up to $600 for travel expenses.
    * Structural Materials Division Scholarship – 2 at $2,500 each plus up to $500 for travel expenses
    * Shri Ram Arora Award for Materials Science and Engineering Education - 1 at $1,000 cash award to be used at the recipient's discretion and $1,500 to be applied toward travel, accommodation, and registration expenses.
    * Student Travel Scholarships – 6 at $500 (2 per EMPMD, SMD and MPMD)

    Also, the many local chapters, like the one in the DC area, give scholarships.
  2. Conferences—FREE registration and session monitor positions (well-paid!)
  3. FREE journals sent monthly—Journal of Materials and Advanced Materials and Processes—very helpful for classes and staying up to date. Also, ASM & TMS e-news.
  4. NETWORKING—meet future employers and colleagues through the Member Directory, ASM dinners, technical conferences, speakers bureau, and more!
  5. Career Resources Center—Materials engineering related job search tools, career links, and place wanted ads in AM&P and JOM! Visit
  6. Discounted prices at the bookstore. Awesome references at the on-line document center.
  7. Training & courses—stay in touch with latest concepts and innovations.

And even MORE benefits upon graduation…



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